Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

In my household, there are two phrases I am particularly well known for. The first hardly applies presently (although this paper due Friday does have that inherent "fuck my life" mentality). I will start with that phrase.

"I can't even."

Today I was procrastinating on Facebook and saw that a friend-of-a-friend of mine was tagged in an art album. I thought 'oooh, eye candy!' and hurried on over. I scrolled and was incredibly impressed. I got to a picture of McGonagall chalked on a wall. I knew I had to contact this amazing person and tell her how fantastic she was, so I did, because 'shy' has never really been one of my merits. I continued through to see more incredibly beautiful art and, to my surprise and delight, more Harry Potter--McGonagall, in fact! Plus some Hermione/Snape. I was incredibly pleased, but I'd already messaged, so I thought I would leave it at that.

We have been chatting. We settled our endless love for Minerva McGonagall. I mentioned I wrote, she asked if my writing could be found anywhere, I pointed her toward my fest fic. (Beware, I'm about to lose my sanity.)

alsdjkflasjdf KLAJSDFLKAJSDF!!!

She had read "Unicorn Horn Delight"; she had participated as well. I'm sure you all remember this Minerva/Wilhelmina gem that spread around our collective flists?

I think I squeed my head off. Small world meetings on Facebook.

This friend-of-a-friend is fandom unrelated, too; she's big on Glee fandom and gayboys (Klaine, I believe it's called). But once again my worlds have collided. Let's see the connection thus far.

Kiwi --> Molly, via Sheroes Central, a feminist board once run by Tamora Pierce --> Cassia, an unschooler (what cool people call 'homeschoolers') friend of Molly's through an unschooling camp much like my own hippie Rowe Camp; Cassia lived in MA at the time too so we met up after chatting and now are good friends --> Lani, another camp friend I met through Cassia and Zephyr (Cassia's boyfriend) --> tartansocks!

And, as we've just established, tartansocks and I participated in the same fest; we even used prompts of the same pairing. Harry Potter. Thus unrelated to the prior community mentions.

I am shocked and giddy. Small world, small Internet!

Thank you, Minerva McGonagall. You've improved my life again. (:
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