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Free time, woah.

So. Today I had free time. It was amazing.

I printed out calendar pages so I now have a pseudo calendar that works well and makes me happy.

Called interview people and left a message. Have my interview with Mrs. Cavanagh tomorrow after school. And it's for a project, not a job.

Still hoping to get a job at MelDivas as some point.

Anyway. I made bookmarks. One for Kleppy. And a bigger duct tape wallet that fits my cards better. Ran out of tape right as I finished the card pocket.

Did a little school work.

Made a light oil pastel picture to use as the background for my letter to Aubrey.

Did other stuff.


I feel really good. Much better than I felt when I was almost having a panic attack in trialge and then sobbing into Mrs. Cavanagh.

Yeah. Ten times better. But tired. So it's time for letter-writing and bed.
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