Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

[This post has a touch of TMI, but mainly in acknowledging the fact that sex exists and that I know about it, which some people don't like knowing outside of fanfic, or something.]

So, uh, it's 4.27am and I am not asleep. I told myself I would shoot for around 2, which generally means 12-4. But I'm not someone who can sleep before she finishes what she wants, and it my heart I wanted to be at 40,000 words.

I am at 40,000 words. I just finished Chapter Eleven.

I have been feeling randy the last few days (which is surprising, because usually I keep that stuff under wraps and associate kissing with microbes) and the point of this year's novel was to just get out whatever I needed ot get out to stay sane for the rest of my life!stuff.

In this chapter, I was seduced by a sexy non-killer alien Succubus. It ends in fun times. I am leaving myself, in my novel, randy-rough-housing with a sexy Succubus.

No, I argue, I have not been watching too much Lost Girl.

Thank Goodness tomorrow is Monday and not a rough schedule day. I'll probably have a nap time. (; [That wink was a typo, but I am keeping it.]
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