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07 November 2010 @ 12:42 am
I have been working on this presentation all day long. (Mind, my day starts at noon, and my breakfast isn't until 2pm, but then it's down to business).

I was looking up pictures of Trelawney to put for my 'predicting invasives' slide (as in, hah, we fail!) and came across this picture. I was delighted.

Little moments like this make working a little more sane.

(Also, yes, my opinions of university have allowed me to start adding pictures of Trelawney, aliens and Mario Kart villains into my presentations. Take that, standardised education: your once-overachiever has turned ridiculous.)

Also, if any of you enjoy poached eggs but can't for the life of you get them right, try poaching them in cling-form (egg in, cling-form tied/twisted, normal time in the pot and there you go). I've never got one right until today. Nummy poached egg on toast!
Current Music: Harry's Wondrous World - HP: SS.