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25 October 2010 @ 12:24 am
Today, Mark has been endlessly hyper.

John returned from Edinburgh. He returned with a £30 bottle of good whiskey.

He came trampling up the stairs. I hopped out of my attic room and exclaimed, "I've done it! I've purchased a railcard!" We high-fived and spoke excitedly about the money to be saved and our recent/future trips into London.

When we parted, he told me, "I'm going to go get my work done and have another wee dram."

I remembered the term (or a similar one) from one of kellychambliss' stories, but had not heard it spoken aloud (at least noticed it) and had not heard the rolled-r. He repeated it a few times and spoke a few words, careful to over-emphasis all his r-rolling talent. He explained, "'Wee dram' - that's what they call it in Scotland, and they roll the r's!"

I sat there sputtering like a demented choo-choo train. At last I threw my hands up. "I can't! I can't roll my r's! I can't speak Spanish because I can't roll my r's. I can't roll my r's! That's why I'll never be McGonagall! It's sad! It's so sad!"

This calls for winter music to raise my spirits...before John raises his.

(If any of you have been curious about what looks like my increased drinking - I've had one lovely person ask already - I admit that it is more out of the desire to learn about alcohol in its great variety of forms and less out of an inherent desire to drink it. Some things must be learned in a hands- or mouth-on manner. Never in excess, I promise you!)
kellychamblisskellychambliss on October 24th, 2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
It's a taste worth cultivating, if you ask me. It's perfectly possible to control one's drinking. Even now, no-longer-young person that I am, having a drink just feels so damn grown-up.

I can't roll my Rs, either. Or whistle. Or light matches. Or shuffle cards (although I've become semi-passable at that last).

But I can do "Live Long and Prosper" with both hands.
Kiwi Crocuscranky__crocus on October 24th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you say so - because it is certainly something I would ask you. I believe RealSnape asked because in Spain I was drinking hot cocoa while my friends got drunk. If I were in the situation again, I would do the same - although even then, I was sipping their drinks when they told me to and listening when they explained the differences. I'm still in that place. My friends just buy me drinks sometimes. (: Otherwise it's too expensive for me, especially given that when I'm out I enjoy a cool glass of water much more (because I can't stop dancing, generally).

One of the 'pictures' of adult hood that I've had since I was a child was of sitting in a decorated room drinking red wine and laughing with friends (for some reason always in wintertime, too). I used to see adults do it often and it became engrained enough for me to think 'ah, yes, that is adulthood'.

I can whistle, light matches and shuffle cards, but even Spanish teachers haven't been able to get my Rs to roll. (They've tried hard, too, believe me; they always told me that otherwise my Spanish speaking was quite good for a beginner.)

I love doing "Live Long and Prosper" with both hands; my parents taught me how, despite the fact that they did not sit me down to watch Star Trek (maybe just a few episodes here and there). I wish they had.

(As for shuffling, I only know how because we had one particularly boring summer in Maine when I was a child and I sat for a week teaching myself from 2 cards to 4 to 6 to 8... Then I had to teach myself the same way when my mother showed off her ability to bridge at the end. Now I enjoy shuffling more than card-playing...)