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19 October 2010 @ 02:37 am
Eyes closed post. I really need a 'sleep' icon.

Made it into London. Got lost in London again. Had the foresight to save the headquarter's number so I could call them and get led back. Late. Enjoyed the conference thoroughly - lots of LGBT/feminism crossover time. Yay.

Omer's art performance was her friends getting to participate in the art. Glowing things + long exposure = great fun.

Anime was a laugh. Skipped Mojo's for some chips&sauce from the Chinese place. Bad TV with Jacqueline, the news that one of Pirate's old friends from Fresher year didn't invite him to a party (he's right to be hurt/peeved), upstairs for dissertation outline.

I am suffering from Writer's Insecurity. I hate my outline. I'm afraid I've disappointed my supervisor. Tomorrow I go in. We'll see if I have.

Hopefully more about the con later but I am falling asleep and it's time to curl up for zzzz.
therealsnape: Rather good at magictherealsnape on October 19th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
If your teacher is displeased with you, tackle it the adult way. Tell her/him there's a teacher in Holland who would love to have you in her lessons, so there.

(not that I'd have anything interesting on offer for a biologist, but you don't have to add that. )
Kiwi Crocus: Random || Green Jem.cranky__crocus on October 19th, 2010 10:20 am (UTC)
Ohhh that drew a chuckle! To be honest, if my supervisor was displeased with me I'd probably feel fine saying 'sod biology!' and heading off to study ANYTHING else! :P Plus, the project I'm doing is philosophy of science, which is just a bizarre subject straddling all sorts of disciplines. :P It's weird in general!

I'm just being a worrywart, I know. I have just always admired my supervisor, since I had him in first year for Exploiters and Exploited and he made me laugh with his dry humour. It's far more difficult for me when I have a history of admiring a person. In some ways I wish I had an unhelpful or mean supervisor, if only because I wouldn't be so worried over the quality of my work, even if I didn't get any real help! But my brain is silly like that.

There is little worse than the look of disappointment on a teacher's face. I've only had it a few times in my life and I never want it again.