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18 October 2010 @ 08:19 am
The new mattress is a lot harder than my last one and will take getting used to, but I feel more sturdy and will come to love it given my enjoyment of sleeping on floors, I think.

It is a rather a grey day and my hip doesn't appreciate it.

Woke up on time (yay) and off to get ready quickly in a minute. Woke up feeling more capable about getting into London. Today will be a long day.

- Travel to Women's Campaign conference. [1.5 hours, overestimated]
- Sister Activist Training Day [7 hours]
- Travel to Reading Campus [1.5 hours, overestimated]
- Omer's glow-art performance [no idea]
- Anime society (depending on how long Omer's art performance lasts)
- Mojo's with the anime society
- Home to work on dissertation outline for meeting on Tuesday.

It's time to pull out hard-core Kiwi!