Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but I feel less nervous and a touch more prepared. More importantly, I feel like part of a community and I can feel the love I otherwise would have tried to escape. So it's worth it.

Cleaned my room, prepared for tomorrow, removed my old manky mattress and replaced it with the new one, caught up on some Internet stuff, bought some stuff at the shop, confirmed my first dissertation meeting and re-wrote my To Do List.

It was 'straight edge' day so my household decided we didn't want to participate, being the rebels (oh ho ho how original :P) we are. Everyone else went out to buy booze while Mark and I (every gay in this house is nearly completely nocturnal) were sleeping.

After we visited the co-op to buy some food-stuff and milk, we popped into Up The Junction. Mark bought me a Desperado (? beer + tequila + lime?) even after I protested. He is too kind to me. We discussed his nearly!almost!boyfriend (yes, they've increased level) and how Matt doesn't want to be 'boyfriends'/in a relationship because of his prior relationship (we never escape exes) and best friend (who fancied Mark too). Mark and I were somewhat amused because those two spend more time together than a lot of the people I know in relationships.

Now I am on in bed preparing for my first night of sleep on my new mattress. I won't get enough sleep but then, I'm always too much or too little. Tomorrow I'm into London for Sister Activist Training Day. No idea what it will entail, but I always love a conference and we get food. Just nervous about travelling into London - I always am.

Dissertation meeting with Nick on Tuesday. Nerves out of hand. Will be going in with just a rough outline. Eh. I'm a hard worker. I'll get through it...

This 'sanity' thing is incredibly difficult, in case any of you were wondering.
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