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11 October 2010 @ 06:02 pm
I am a tired Kiwi. Mark and I stayed up until 4 last night having a holiday-music-off with YouTube. He's feeding my holiday music addiction. It's disgusting! Terrible influence, he is...

Got my financial hardship application and found out about a Plus Loan for the one I already have. Hung around with Mark while he was on his shift.

My lecture, which I expected to be 3 hours long, was 20 minutes long. In that 20 minutes we were all assigned 2 presentations each.

The course is made up of our 20-minute presentations. The exam will be based on our 20-minute presentations. Ross said, "Yes, well, it is a rather student-work-intensive course, and rather easy on the instructor..." You think? Four people have theirs due next week!

"Introduction of 'alien' ornamental plants" will be no big deal for me and it's my first one, due in a month. "The politics of the countryside", however, will be rather a pain as I have no real knowledge or interest in politics or the countryside (more of a forest-or-coast sort of gal).

Drinks and the library with CJ. Omer, the stunning bisexual Israeli girl from Rock Society, accepted my friend request right after CJ was finished telling me about her. I looked through all of her pictures and CJ laughed at my facial expressions. Then we tried to work, looked up iPod sex toys and got a spot more work done.

Anime Society in an hour. So this is my first day back at uni. Not so terrible. :P

Aaaaand CJ poked my bum with her foot when we were in class (which was in a closet-sized room in Maths [Ross: "I've never lectured in a cupboard before..."] and we better get moved next week) and I jumped sky high. The MSc students giggled. I gave CJ a discreet two-fingered salute while adjusting my hair...

But she also had to put up with seeing my "lovely blue-lace pants--nice!" during the (short) lecture, so I can forgive her a little given the unappreciated appearance of my underwear.
Current Mood: surprisedSurprised.