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29 September 2010 @ 06:14 pm
Dawr. I forgot that I wrote this poem for Mother's Day last year when I was stressed and stuck in the Agriculture building working on end-of-term reports. :P

During my travels I’ve met a few birds
Some travelled alone, some travelled in herds.
One herd-running lady I met in my day
Was a gal who liked learning, liked loving, liked play.

I could not deny, her name was bizarre:
Geramina Marina Salina Lamar
And she married a man not from here, but afar!

Soon after these two had a child of their own
They were growing a family, their seed had been sown.

The girl was an angel, with big eyes to stare;
(She might be an angel, if she had any hair.)
She was one of few words who stepped late with great care
And never stayed long in her times of despair.

Geramina Marina Salina Lamar
Was having a birthday, was still a great star
And soon enough after reopened her scar:
She delivered a baby (the size of a car).

The four got along and forgave when they didn’t,
Had two Tweedle Dees (Tweedle ‘Dumb’ was forbidden).

Their babies grew up (one up more than the other)
They loved to have ‘sister’ and loved to have ‘brother’.

They had their hard times with their friends, schools and their bodies;
They learned to say ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘please.’
(Sometimes they forgot this and received a ‘Look’;
Both were quite thankful The Look was all that it took.)

They made it through preschool (or failed but moved on)
Then learned how to read, how to count (how to con!).
Right on through primary to junior and high,
They kept right on living, said ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.

One day it was time for the first to leave nest,
(No one was surprised: her youth could attest)
So she packed up and waved, put herself to the test.
She jumped over hurtles, she swam through her days
(Sometimes she frowned, deep in stressed-student haze).
She made it through strong and flew home on the breeze
To connect with her family and relay stories.

Not a year later the second, the Dweeb,
He decided to follow the first, the Treeb.
He knew the land that their father had left
Would serve his needs better, would teach him the best.
And Geramina Marina Salina Lamar
Planned it out in great detail, she gave it her all.

Today is the day that we’re left at, indeed,
For the Treeb o’er the ocean is hoping for speed
In returning her home to the land of the ‘freed’
To see that her mother and father and brother succeed
In celebrating their summer with love, as agreed.

And next year the siblings, the Dees of the Tweedle,
Will come home for winter like gift-hungry seagulls;
They’ll come hand in hand (in spirit, not skin
For prolonged affection is worse than a sin),
They’ll love up their parents with all that they can
Because deep at heart they’re of Salina Clan.

Geramina Marina Salina Lamar
And Grahelo Charelo Salina Grangar
Have been parents for decades
(And really still are)
Because child love is endless,
No matter how far.

And Geramina Marina Salina Lamar
May have a name that’s completely bizarre
But has raised a daughter with name on par:
Kiweni Mireni Salina Lamar
Has travelled the oceans, has been stuck in afar;
But she’ll tell you quite surely with never a doubt
Her love for her mother is never in drought;
For it’s from a well that is deep to convey
That she wishes Happy Mother today and every day!

The rhyme scheme isn't perfect, but it still makes me giggle. :B Mark is singing downstairs in his room. That makes me smile. Danielle keeps posting very distracting pictures of Janeway; the last was her tied to a tree. Today is a good day.
gerristgerrist on October 5th, 2010 11:26 pm (UTC)
Lovely to re-read today. I'm feeling a bit emo as I booked Dad a flight to the UK this a.m. Soon I will be an empty nestor (er?) with my entire family in the UK

... while waitressing away ....

hellow oblivion ..ion ...ion

: )
Kiwi Crocus: HP || Rita || Writing quill. [A]cranky__crocus on October 10th, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
I definitely understand feeling a bit emo! I'm approaching my first week of senior year. :X Actually, I'm not too nervous, just not excited. You'll only be an empty nester for a while, and then he'll be back! Not too long.

I saw 'ion' and thought of chemistry, rather than echoes. I think that proves that I'm a geek.

I sometimes read old writing when I'm feeling emo!