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20 June 2010 @ 01:09 am
I think I'll make a pride-season post soon with pictures of me at Boston pride and descriptions of fantastic rainbow living, Boston and Providence.

For now, just posting to say I'm at light_cascades's after a wonderful Pride day with her, some of her friends, Toast and various people (including a quick hug with Cassia, yay!) culminating in nuuuummy food at IHOP. Mmm pancakes.

Friendship and consideration are the themes of this month, I have decided. So my thoughts are tip-toeing around that and I'm really thinking about my life in a new way.

I also have a new shirt, which always brings fresh air to my life thoughts. (: Rainbow! Pleased.

Completely knackered and a bit sore. My body has run me down some, especially given it's my moon time. I was on my moon for the last Providence Pride two years ago, too; at least my body has decided to try at consistency. Ready to be done for the month.

Dissertation lit. review at 3,360 words out of 3,500 with much more to cover. I will be doing a lot of cutting once I finish up with what I'm including! Thankfully I can keep an uncut version and basically use that in the dissertation itself.

It is sleep time. That is very much the truth. Zonks ouuuut.