Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:15 Harold & Maude DVD, you are NOT ALLOWED TO STOP WORKING! You are my sanity in dark times! Come back to me!
  • 22:43 "It's organic. It has no NUTRITIONAL value, but consistency is not really a human trait." Maude, I love you.
  • 22:45 Realising that in present films, there are seldom pauses to digest the actors' facial expressions. This generation = no attention span.
  • 22:48 "Everybody should be able to play some music - it's the cosmic dance!" And there is the line that has me playing ukulele.
  • 23:07 "They'll send me to jail." "Well historically you'll be in very good company."
  • 23:13 "Maude, do you pray?" "Pray? No, I communicate." "With God?" "No, with life!"
  • 23:13 "Everyone has the right to make an arse out of themselves: you can't let the world judge you too much."
  • 23:14 Dissertation, you are not getting done. But it is because I'm afraid of you again. Soon I will conquer you! With Maude's help!
  • 23:16 Seeing Maude's Holocaust tattoo almost always makes me cry. The strength such struggles can bring to survivors amazes me.
  • 00:00 Dissertation freakout spells Ben&Jerry's vanilla ice cream + homemade cookie dough for the ultimate cookie dough ice cream.
  • 02:16 Watching some Xena to try to stave off dissertation snark/stress. Really hate doing this. Going to avoid tears. Somehow. Really.
  • 02:53 Am not doing so hot. And by that mean I am far too hot, but mentally unsound. Must not crypanic. Must write and be coherent. Fail.
  • 05:21 I have a work crush. It makes me feel kind of giddy and like a little rainbow butterfly admiring nectar but never needing to eat.
  • 05:21 I just accidentally started a novel. I think it's what I need, though. And it's completely random in a fun way. Don't know!
  • 05:21 So if you guys have any random things you want to occur in a novel, or random prompt words, you can throw them at me and I will include!
  • 05:25 A peace sign was my last copied item, and I just accidentally copied it into my dissertation as a reference. It kind of made me giggle.
  • 06:00 It is so nice to be back in the time zone of so many people I love.
  • 08:04 I am wondering if I should tell the person I am work crushing on that I am. Or it that would be too awkward for all involved. Hmm.
  • 08:40 I tried to get the insect off my laptop and I think I mortally wounded it and I feel bad slash am sad. =[ I hatelove insects.
  • 08:53 I am crashing now so I can wake up for Amanda + @lightcascades + Pride + Gallery + sleepover + Sunday excitement. zOMGz too much win!
  • 17:22 Kiwi, get in the frakking shower so you can start your glorious rainbow day. Otherwise I shall have to kick you.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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