Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Since arriving in America I have...

* Thought I was falling to my death when I went to sit on the loo, given that the American toilets are so much shorter. For the first few times I always have that knee-jerk reaction of standing straight up, thinking I've narrowly avoided falling to my death. Strange how a body becomes so incredibly in tune with that distance - to the point that even if a (usually male) housemate has left the seat up, the rump seems to notice before it gets that far.
* Eaten at Quincy Market. Mmm, Thanksgiving Toasted. Nothing like a nice Yankee sandwich.
* Bonded with my mother over clothes. What better?
* Slept in my own bed. Divine.
* Woken up, decked myself in rainbow, took the train into Boston, met up with fellow Unitarian Universalists, listened to a Queer History memoir and active transgender youth speak at Arlington Street Church, eaten another amazing turkey sandwich and watched half a parade.
* 'Marched' in a parade as a rainbow cat-in-the-hat, if 'marched' is replaced with 'danced in the rain'.
* Walked around with some old family friends admiring the array of rainbows.
* Sauntered around Boston and used the loo in the Taj.
* Had a friend drive like a madman through Boston and then home.
* Had my first post-travel shower, which was fantastic, and a cup of hot chocolate too.
* Picked up two good friends from the train station and brought them to a graduation party. Hung there and up to mine.
* Gone to Borders and thought I was ridiculously lost when instead Nio just has an incredibly strange way of getting there. I never want to feel so confused getting to a bookstore again. They are supposed to be sanctuaries for me.
* Had a cookie-dough java coffee thing but the woman offered to do it without coffee when we discussed our aversion to the substance. I thus had a cookie dough drink. It was delicious. Read about Rachel Maddow and chuckled.
* Got incredibly confused at the currency change. Sat there staring at this strange S with a line wondering what on earth it was, and why it had a VERTICAL line because that was just silly, and what it could possibly mean - as well as why it seemed familiar. I think recalled it symbolised money, and at that too much money, so off I went to go fall over some more loos.
* Watched a TERRIBLE film about some men with hangovers. Enjoyed it regardless because I was with Dweeb, Ben, Merf and her friend Sarah Jane. Also switched my contacts over.
* Am now tucked up in my own bed again. It's amazing. Tomorrow I wake up to go to church. The day after that I start my training to be a camp counsellor. Wow. What a life.

I forgot that I generally don't have enough time to breathe when I get back to the States. :P It's lovely, though!
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