Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 02:06 Ohemgeeohemgee one of my fics was rec'ced for something and I really can't believe that would happen in a million years.
  • 02:28 Reading a fanfic made me realise the only thing I've got First ('Outstanding') with distinction in is Chemistry. So wrong. Very wrong.
  • 09:59 Just woke up with the strong urge to write a story about the ecosystem of a fantasy faerieland. WTF? Head, you're weird. :P
  • 12:42 Just looked at my dissertation packet - from the uni and from Nick/supervisor - and felt a bit ill. These steps won't be fun. :X
  • 13:08 I do not understand why searching the word "slattern" reveals a picture of the state Massachusetts. I am puzzled.
  • 13:09 (MA is, after all, my state; I am far from a slattern, Google, thank you very much!)
  • 14:39 Procrastination is easier and much improved when donuts are around. I thank Juliette, although would prefer her here instead!
  • 14:48 Cream-filled Krispy Kreme donut, Harry Potter fic and procrastination. Does it get any better than this?
  • 15:17 Win win win! My Beholder recipient actually didn't know I wrote her story! I am so pleased. (: A LITTLE stealth then, yay!
  • 17:21 Quite strange to have hair brushing the small of my back again and making me jump - haven't had that in years!
  • 20:02 So, Eurovision. Here's to popping the cherry... I wonder if this will be one of those moments I remember beyond university.
  • 20:20 I am picturing Minerva & co. watching Eurovision in Muggle clothes in a dyke bar, making fun. I♥imagination.
  • 20:23 Yes, yes, the Fiddler was not really on the Roof; the fiddler was on the turn-table. You spin me right round baby, right round.
  • 20:27 Loved the last cracktastic performance. Great costumes. Pretty pianist/vocalist now. Loving the hair and smile. Clearly not distracted.
  • 20:45 I want one of those dresses with the butterfly wings! The centre one! Silver! I am not under 5! I love the wings!
  • 20:56 UK should ditch the back-up singers, yo!
  • 20:59 "I LIE LIKE A RUG." I'm glad the UK is over. That was slightly painful on the ears.
  • 21:17 That isn't REALLY a dress, but I'm not complaining; I see everything... Political/story song. I approve in a crazy way. Pretty.
  • 21:22 We cracked up when the "badumbadumbadumbadum" stuff came on. Because it was subtitled too. We understood. :P Go France. :B
  • 21:37 This Lena girl is really pretty. What a unique voice. I'm giggling, but I like her!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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