Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:55 Am at that freak out point I would have panicked at in prior times. Am going to not let myself panic. Going to stay sane.
  • 23:20 Am not going to let the tears prickling at my eyes affect me. No, no I'm not. Revise, Kiwi, even though it's a losing battle...
  • 23:22 I have the best community around me in the whole wide world. Trying to remember that, and not stress. Big breath.
  • 00:49 So not OK with anything right now. Late, tired, only through half the material in detail. Ready for a frakking shower. Now.
  • 01:27 Had a shower and it was lovely. Have an exam in 12 hours and it will NOT be lovely. Also need time for sleep. Maybe. Augh.
  • 02:43 Through 5/8 lectures with better understanding. Time for a 4-5 hour nap so I can be alive tomorrow. Geh.
  • 07:04 Those 4 hours were nowhere near enough. Back to the revision grinding stone. Can't believe will be doing this tonight too. Sigh.
  • 08:05 Only 2 more lectures to go through. Feel slightly better now. Moving to bed; chairs are uncomfortable! Everything is. :P
  • 09:21 1 lecture left to go. Feel a little better. Time hopefully to go through that lecture, read through all & take exam.
  • 09:22 But first, a breakfast break! My stomach is eating itself! Boo.
  • 09:49 Breakfast has been compleated (intentional). Feeling ill & nervous. Onto last lecture. Want to make Mark proud...
  • 10:14 Who names a bird greenish warbler? "Well it's green, kinda... a bit. Oh I know. GreenISH warbler! Right on."
  • 10:53 Made it through all the lectures. Little break, then dressed, cramming & off to campus. Then repeat. Meh. Almost done.
  • 10:56 Somehow searching "exams" on twitter made me feel better, knowing loads of people are going through this. Not alone!
  • 11:38 Battery-recharging naps area always too short. Looking good for my exam. Major cram time. Poot.
  • 12:43 Message from friend making me teary in the good way. I know I can get through this. Leaving in 20 mins. Can do this.
  • 12:55 OK, got back to the lectures I did today, no more diagrams to learn. Time to pack up and get ready to go.
  • 18:06 I survived another exam. Think I'm going to take an hour nap then onto revising for tomorrow's exam. LAST ONE YES WIN.
  • 19:06 When revision is failing for your last & most hated exam, you go downstairs & eat a sandwich. It's a rule.
  • 19:26 Amount properly revised: 0. Naps taken: 1. Shows watched: 1. Sandwich in the making: 1 soon. Revision: going well.
  • 19:44 That was an excellent sandwich. I am going to stop revision!failing and go revise in Batgirl's room. This should work.
  • 21:06 Lectures revised: 1/9. Feeling: doomed. State of universe: perilous. Revision: ...going as it should, apparently.
  • 21:09 Facebook human-check thing was 'them aviaries'. Seems very appropriate for today's exam. Not for tomorrow. Rawr.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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