Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Yesterday's exam was stinky. 50 multiple choice questions. I knew the material quite well. The exam, however, was not at all an indication of how well one knew the content of the course. It was an exercise in how adept one was at muddling through ambiguous questions and inadequate answers, somewhere along the lines of 'pick the most true out of these reasonably true answers when not one of them is actually the optimal answer.'

Had a nice rant with the others when we came out. Angry-walked back to Wokingham Road and picked up a cheap Subway meal. Went to the park, ate a picnic and went on the swings. It was beautiful. I was thinking of Ferry Beach and how I'm not going this year and I remembered that for some reason, the swings were one of my favourite parts of the weekend every year. So I just got on one and started swining, enjoyed the feeling in my stomach when I closed my eyes and my curls slapping me in the face. It was joyous. Waved to Jess & her friend when they walked through the park.

Home, little laptop, then off to Tesco with Jujubean, Rich & Batgirl. Won't have to shop again while I'm here and won't have to shop immediately when I come back in September, which is nice.

Didn't have it in me to revise any more. Eventually came upstairs and skyped with light_cascades. That was nice.

Now it's today. I was supposed to be awake at 10 revising. It is gone noon. I have to go on campus for meditation society at 2 because I promised - haven't been in the past month.

I only have two left. Just two. Just two I need to get through. Sigh. In some ways it just gets harder the closer to the end. These two classes also have no past papers, just a few example questions the professors sent. For Friday's Entomology exam I at least don't have that 'I want to make the professor proud' naggy feeling; I like Paul, definitely, but he's just not on that list. As for Thursday's...well, that's Mark, and he's my personal tutor. I will authentically feel bad if I don't do that well on his exam, especially since I did quite enjoy the course. But I suppose even if I don't do as well as I wish on the exam, I'm sure I did quite reasonably on the coursework. We'll see.

Based on the few example questions I have, I know that at this point I could blag a pass (>40) which would give me a C for each class, just based on the once-through I've had through the material. Of course I want to do better than that. I'll get this revision done. I know I will. Stares out the window at the blue sky. Just wish that summer feeling would stop bugging me and telling me to go sit on the swings...

TL;DR: Student whinging about annual student issues, the end.
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