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16 May 2010 @ 11:03 pm
Right. Life. And how it keeps rolling!

Have had conversations with all of my housemates but two. This has been a good experience. My conversation with Harry will be quick - just some apologies, and we've already had a few chats. (: Lora not so much...but for this one I'm actually a member with a bit of an issue, and I need the time to step back and forgive for a moment before I delve into it with too many feelings spiralling 'round me. Plus we're both revising for ridiculous exam loads next week & are stretched very thin by that.

Have been revising nonstop. I don't know when I started. It's just come in, revise, go home, fall asleep. Remember to eat & smile at some points in-between.


Monday: (Tomorrow). Onto campus for revision in the library. Read through evolutionary biology leaflets, learn key terms, read up on the extra material, get to know past exam papers. Breathe. Relax.
Tuesday: Evolutionary Biology exam at 2. Probably home to revise, maybe a little poking at the other two sets of leaflets.
Wednesday: Go to Meditation Society at 2, at least to see Chris. Revise for Entomology a little bit, a brush over, and then delve into Birds to go through leaflets, read extra material, get to know the example question formats he gave, think of connecting pieces & generally prepare.
Thursday: Birds exam at 2. Back to uni, probably library, to read through Entomology extra reading, go through leaflets, try to strengthen memory on insect taxonomy, think of how to answer his example questions/brain-storm & answer more, ultimately give up on memorising Latin names of all these insect supersubfamilyordertaxonimicgroupspeciesmorphologicaleverything. Breathe. Go to sleep.
Friday: Entomology exam at 2. Stumble through two essays. Step out. Step away from exam hall. FRAKKING HAPPY DANCE, LADY, YOU GOT THROUGH SECOND YEAR, YOU SLY DOG YOU! But, erm, let's not get ahead of ourselves.... :P

Laptop is in the shop. £10 if they can diagnose it but not fix it, £40 if they successfully fix it. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, probably.

OH! And I showed Mark (gay guy friend from LGBTQ) around the house yesterday and he liked it; the housemates seemed to like him. I may actually end up with a gay housemate next year! That would be freaking awesome! ...and he can actually get me to go out and, you know, socialise with my fellow rainbow-riders... :P

Now to print out a huge load of leaflets. Woot. Headdesk!
101mutts101mutts on May 17th, 2010 12:28 am (UTC)
Wow, so close to the end. Hopefully adrenaline will kick in and carry you through.

I imagine there would be a lot of funny anecdotes and jokes if there was a gay guy. Hope he says yes.

Your enotmology class is making Brodeur's class sound like buckets of fun.

Best of luck!