Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 00:43 I am heading home now so I can meet with Eve tomorrow morning and not be a zombie for further revision. Rawr. Argh. Dies. :P
  • 12:10 Eve is here now. We were planning for 11, she got here for 12, but everything is a-OK. Although I am falling asleep at my revision. Poot.
  • 13:06 This is a large slide of a dragonfly penis. Sometimes my course confuses me. At least I understand this part, however awkward...
  • 13:28 I am always paranoid that I am bugging people. In other news, stick insects are very clever.
  • 13:55 70 slides' worth of Hemiptera. I think I should just let my brain explode before I get to these true bugs... Thank Earth for Dr Pepper.
  • 15:04 It is spitting down rain right now. Hope it stops by the time library closes & I've got to transfer to Agric, or I'll be one soaked gal.
  • 15:52 Well, I made it through Private Practice. And of course feeling affected. But reminded that there are bigger things, which is good.
  • 15:53 And I am so proud of Addison. I hope I can be that sort of woman when I grow up. Even if I'll never have the Addison hair. (;
  • 16:30 Holy brassica, Batman, Kiwi's brain has completely exploded rainbow goo everywhere!
  • 17:18 Back in Agriculture for the evening. Less than half my entomology lectures to go through. This can be done!
  • 18:04 Why not to sit on the left of left-handed people in a comp lab: they may accidentally take your mouse, jiggle it & super confuse you.
  • 18:25 I should not giggle at the use of 'invagination' in lectures. I shouldn't. Nonetheless, here I am, giggling away. Bad Kiwi.
  • 18:34 Strange revising Horseflies, seeing 'blood-sucking females' and thinking, "Ahah! I will be meeting you in a few months!"
  • 19:48 I'm glad belief in a higher being gets people through with love. I'm grateful my grandmother's sister is with us and speaking again!
  • 20:58 One lecture more to get through & I'll offically be through all exam material. Out for break in corridor, yes indeed.
  • 21:34 Oh, Glee, why do your episodes ever have to end?

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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