Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 11:32 At the library on a Saturday revising. Meeting up with Mark at 4 to show him 'round the house. Possible roommate - yay!
  • 11:33 My favourite part about science: while writing it up in Word documents, none of the words are recognised as words/grammar. Giggles.
  • 11:39 There is apparently a dinosaur Sinraptor. Picturing a dinosaur roaming around nomming on sins & Christians. My mind is so off today.
  • 12:31 It may be surprising to my brain right now, but Horshoe Crab and Horshoe Crap are not the same thing.
  • 12:49 Watched the first 10 mins of Grey's between two of my lectures. Laughed out loud. Oh yes, library, I'm completely sane. Trust me...
  • 17:43 I am going to head zonk now. and by that I mean revise. Right, right? Echoes. No, not right. Zzzzz.
  • 18:34 I like that in this study the interactions of birds were studied and the dominant bird only lost three times...each time to his mate.
  • 18:34 Also, Eve is telling me swans are gay. I believe this. Because all gays are also mute. (Uhminductionfail?)
  • 18:40 Just managed to quote Glee's Brittany in regular conversation. Concerning. Also, bearded beavers do not exist. In case you wondered.
  • 18:52 Apparently Mallard Ducks & Egyptian Geese can hybridise. Also, Mallards are like the slags of the duck group, it seems.
  • 19:41 I just walked into a pillar. Clearly revision is not affecting me at all. Not at all.
  • 21:33 Just finished watching Glee. OK, so it's more of a lesbian breakup than I thought it was. :P
  • 21:34 The Cris/Mer scene really got to me too. :P Makes me miss people back home lots. But life can still be good!
  • 21:59 My grandmother sent me a link to I think the exact pair of Heelys Arizona wears, telling me they're up my alley. I am so full of giggles.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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