Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Thing 1:

This is the first time I've ever committed to doing an essay both early and in one day and actually DONE in - occasionally I've managed to do essays early (in many days) and often I've had to do an essay in one day (right before the deadline), but this has never successfully worked. Today I told myself I was sitting down to write an essay early and I actually did it, from research through to writing. It's still a draft so editing and cutting later, but it's a first, a first I've been trying for since elementary school and I DID IT.

Thing 2:

I don't think I've officially mentioned here that my brother is coming to the UK for university as well. We're both Massholes born-and-raised; I chose to come to uni here when I was 15 and started working toward it. My brother, influenced by my father and me, has chosen to come to university here too. He'll be going to Keele. I'll have my brother in the same country again.

Two years ago, maybe one year ago, I would have been stingy about this. Try to claim a country in my name. But where I am in my life right now, when I saw my mother's Facebook update about buying tickets for me and my brother to come home for Christmas on the same flight next year, my heart just expanded with love. I get to share this with my brother, this beautiful stage of my life, I really get to share it - and share in his as well; we get to share this together. Completely different unis, yes, but it's still a 'togetherness' that I'm realising I appreciate. Even if he beats my scores into the ground (which he probably will since maths can score higher) it's beautiful because that's not really important at all.

Getting to learn in the same country as my brother, separate but conncted, and then go home together again? The thought just made me smile.

Thing 3:

I have the best family in the world - mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, pug, uncles, aunt, cousin, ancestors, whatever. I mean, we're completely raving mad loony bonkoes with a ceaseless supply of steadfast stubbornness, but we're alright in that fantastic 'familes aren't perfect, they're just perfectly strange' sort of way. It's nice.

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