Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Yesterday in the meeting I got a whopping pile of Goethe material to read - two translations of parts of his work and some more modern citations of his professed involvement with/importance in plant developmental biology. During my walk home I smiled and considered how much I value a person who can see the world in many ways - pictorial/conceptual art, words, science, philosophical - and how in this increasingly specialised world appreciation is dwindling further (at least in the sciences) for those sorts of people.

Came home and Avatar was playing. I watched. Went upstairs. Have started reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. Not fond of his writing style (or ceaseless mention of eyes - my hazel eyes film over with distinct boredom yet surprising agitation...) but, sod me thick, I've fallen for the main female character. 200 pages in, may as well go through to the end just to say I have. Don't think I'll ever pick up The Davinci Code unless a moment of flared temper moves me to throw a copy.

Moon-times, migraines and exam stress have every since female in this house in random tornadoes of anger, occasionally brushing up against each other - Thursday was terrible for it; we're all doing much better now. Batgirl and I hardly exchanged a word on Thursday, ignoring each other so we wouldn't ignite the other's fuse - wise decision in the end. We've all been discussing it quite a bit.

Anyway, last night I woke to stabbing pain that was so bad I felt nauseated. Stumbled down the stairs and Jujubean was on my heels, soon enough corralling me into her room and popping pain pills into me. She sat me down on the couch and witnessed the whimsical mind I experience with external stimuli messing about with my brain. Then Tinboy got a laptop, I supported him in removing it, and off to bed.

Today I feared I lost my memory stick. My first thought should have been 'no, my work for Monday is on that!' My real first thought was 'no, I'm letting down Minerva! My Minerva Fest story is on that! I can't write those 2,000 words again!' Thankfully (for both cases) Lishia found it.

Now I'm going to settle down to write my ridiculous 2-page (seriously? English system using a PAGE NUMBER? and that small?) essay on Greater Flamingos. Then tomorrow I will battle more with stats and writing a discussion. By Monday I will have freed myself from coursework, get to visit with my personal tutor and come home to more revision for my last three exams.

Gee golly I'd love my exams to finish up quick - there are some great stories floating around that I am just itchy to read!
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