Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Aside from my brain being a stupidface, today went alright. Walked with Tinboy onto campus, met up with Pip, Jojo and Ems. Crammed. Crossed my fingers. Held Jojo's hand walking into the exam hall. Set up, gazed at questions, meditated.

Question 1: With reference to NAMED examples discuss the human and veterinary health implications of weeds.
Answer 1: I wrote an essay. Was it a good essay? Piffle, laughter, aaaah no. But it was an essay, it did have a number of NAMED examples and it was a discussion of human and veterinary health.

Question 2: Discuss the statement: 'The history of weeds is the history of mankind'.
Answer 2: Oh, I had a ball with this one. From weeds-before-man to weeds-in-the-Bible to mentioning all humans perishing and weeds living on... I just had fun. Not a fantabs essay, but an essay (and a done one - my fave) nonetheless.

I passed. If I didn't, I'll be shocked enough to eat a sock. I have also come to realise that when I am peeved enough about exams I write about the death of humanity. Clearly, I am the student to look out for...

Awwr, shoot, I thought about a very similar essay in the shower today and decided that I wanted to include the sentence, "If farmers had their druthers in a magical world, weeds would disappear with the wave of a wand and a word; in this world, they must make due with the second-best alternative: herbicide, the best we have in our arsenal." I forgot on the exam.

(It's clear I take this all very seriously once I'm IN the exam, now, isn't it?)

And onto the stats! Thank goodness for MCQ exams! We all feel considerably less broken now! 3/7 down - halfway point is 45mins into tomorrow's exam! Woop woop!

Edit: Also Jojo drove me to campus so we could get our Entomology tests back. 61 and 62. (: Not fantastic but, uhm, it's entomology - not really my field? So woop for 25 out of 40 points already! And she gave me books! Books are good. (: Pride...Prejudice...Zombieeeees...
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