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05 May 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 01:01 Off to bed with me now. Going in to campus tomorrow morning for a day of revision. Booo. :P
  • 10:39 I don't think I'm prepared to go through this again. Especially since I left my two slices of pizza at home and that is terrible. Pizza!
  • 10:57 Simon just came down. I am less screwed for my assessment due in Monday. I still need to be revising but can go home any time. Good.
  • 10:59 Don't know how I always forget that letting your hair down for the first time after it's been in a plait feels ugh-may-zing.
  • 13:25 Oh, just found a really cool font I wrote it on one of my note pages. Will have to remember that one. :D
  • 14:16 Today is one of those days that I keep refreshing everything and pouting when there's nothing new. Americans, wake up & get outa class!
  • 14:19 Just read "weed control in apples and pears" as "weed control in stairs". Well, THAT'S not a good sign.
  • 14:41 There is a plane flying over agriculture. Oh, I can't wait for the day I get to board mine and fly away home. ♥
  • 15:11 McCoys salt&vinegar crisps, twirls and a Galaxy caramel choc. Revision food of champs. Crisps for end of this lecture, twirls end weeds.
  • 15:42 Yaaaay time for a little break with crisps and viewage! Then last Weeds lecture, onto stats, home and more revising. O_O
  • 16:57 Finished going through all the Weeds lectures and still don't know anything well enough to write about it. Break and then onto stats. D:
  • 17:55 Tomorrow is going to be a messy day. That cannot be expressed enough. I am going to explode everywhere. =|
  • 18:06 Ugh I can't revise stats without my notes here. Going to go home, eat pizza and keep revising weeds. Maybe all-nighter tomorrow for stats
  • 19:53 Something needs to drive me upstairs to do a few more hours of revision. The idea of another exam the next day does not do this. :P
  • 19:55 The knowledge that after two exams and a meeting (by Friday evening) I get to watch Grey's Anatomy does help.
  • 20:04 I HAVE A FLIGHT HOME FOR 11 JUNE! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW JOYOUS THIS MAKES ME! Ok maybe you do. But still! Yay! :D
  • 20:12 I am going to stop refreshing various browsers and watching Jujubean play Harry Potter. I am going to go take charge of my life.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!