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Didn't get anything done today. I suppose if I'm honest I didn't really expect to, not after two exams yesterday. Means I probably won't be off to Gay Chorus tomorrow unless I have a very productive morning, and if I know anything about's that I don't tend to have a productive morning unless I've been up the whole night before it.

That won't happen because I've been drinking tonight. (: We had 11 people hanging out in the house tonight, playing games, watching telly and Gormenghast... Great fun. Although I'm still not incredibly fond of Jack (Harry's brother), despite that everyone has warmed up to him. He did mention that he always realises how much he's had to drink when he stands up; I recognise my drink!metre by how tired I am - they always correlate.

However I broke the seal and thus won't actually get to sleep for a while. :P Was thinking of curling up in bed with my book and reading for a bit until my bladder is ready to release me from its whims. Haven't been able to snuggle up with a book properly in ages.

Allowing a few moments not to think about next week's report and two exams - a little freedom is warranted and lovely. C:

Also, Fiona Shaw makes my life - her acting in the third episode of Gormenghast was stunning. I would die to act like that! (Although was a little disconcerted when I realised my neck could contort so - with the tendon-pop - and that I could contort to her facial expressions without thinking too much.)
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