Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:11 Keep hearing motorcycles & all I can think about is how much I want summertime for Maine & lakes & motorcycles & fire & marshmallows...
  • 23:02 Still have three lectures to go through. Am so very zapped. Food and meditation time? Methinks yes. Yawn. Augh fail.
  • 00:06 I am having a weak moment. I think I'm just going to let myself cry for a bit. Need to let some of this out.
  • 01:08 What I really needed was to come downstairs and hear Jujubean talking about being cool. (: Giggling. Revising in den now.
  • 09:04 Wow. In 24 hours I will be in my first exam. That is freaky. I also had a lot of nightmares about deadlines - it was icktastic!
  • 10:40 Trying to remember that these exams aren't worth the tears. I still just feel so frakking fried, augh. Is it the 1st yet?
  • 11:19 Singing my song F*ck Luck always helps me through the 'ick' stuff and reminds me it's never as bad as losing someone.
  • 12:20 "Sometimes life is lonely, Or dark or hard or phoney. But some things make it better Like posting a friend a letter..."
  • 12:20 "...Becoming a trend-setter Or meeting a friend like Tony." Random poem I wrote on my notes. Giggles. Tony is a Giraffe.
  • 12:32 I also drew a little giraffe on my notes. Not too bad. Think I was planning to write a children's story about giraffes.
  • 16:02 Feeling ill about starting revision again. Gotta get right back into it anyway. Would really like tomorrow to be over already!
  • 17:19 1) If revision were drinking, I would be dying of liver failure. 2) I wish I could be excited about Grey's Day, but I have 2 exams tom.
  • 18:48 Awwwr, Suzanne thinks I would make an awesome Kaylee. <3 Now doesn't that just make me smile. (:
  • 19:00 I think someone should come save me by killing me. But only temporarily. I want to be alive enough to watch Grey's Anatomy. :P
  • 20:35 Ack. I am at that point where I just feel ill and uneasy. Keep repeating "I just want to go home." Feel like Dorothy from WoO.
  • 20:52 Is aware that she and @biscuitparade are swimming in De Nile, but she is going to deny responsibility for this, as her nature dictates.
  • 20:55 Note to self: stop sucking your pen and then flicking it everywhere. You WILL slobber on yourself, you fool.
  • 21:00 I presently have the attention span of a Drosophila. Well, that's going to be productive. My day-night cycle is funked!
  • 21:02 Feel like such an addict for feeling bad about not getting to see GA's season finale live since it's the night before last exam. Poot!
  • 21:07 "Kiss my...kiss my mellifera. I'm Apis...Apis mellifera." I wouldn't want to kiss a honey bee's mellifera, that's for sure. </geek>

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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