Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:31 I am fangirling Zoë Wanamaker in Gormenghast. What a completely bizarre show. The first episode made me laugh.
  • 23:46 Anniversary of the night I emailed Mrs. Cavanagh. (: Four years. Flailing with the uni work and upcoming revision. Ah well!
  • 00:31 - This is way more than I could ever pay, but it's still fantastic. I am such a geek. I want a McWand.
  • 01:50 Not pleased to have to get up tomorrow morning, but it will encourage revision, I hope. Snoozed during film. Off to sleep with me. :P

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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