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23 April 2010 @ 10:05 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 22:44 Comforting that the lights were turned out & my housemate is playing a horror video game as I work. At least have <lj user="ubiquitousmixie">'s tea!
  • 22:45 Mint tea is the most amazing thing ever, I've decided. I really need to go out and buy some. Make iced tea! Mmmm. Ice.
  • 23:48 Why is Private Practice on tonight but not Grey's? I am confused by all of this. And also have no distraction to look forward to.
  • 00:08 Two out of five of the recommended reading books for procrastination.com are some of my regular favourites. Giggling.
  • 00:08 bit.ly/bupKgD - Dr. Seuss Oh The Places You'll Go! Good book to be down there. (: Always read that when I'm procrastinating.
  • 00:38 Good news: I am early on beginning my writing. Bad news: I am at my least favourite part, the first sentence.
  • 04:18 I have half the word count. This essay needs to finish writing itself. I'd love 2hr nap before wakeup and shower for tomorrow.
  • 05:35 It is 5.30am. I need 200 words. I need to wake up in 1.5hrs. Thinking a 'no' on the sleep, chyeah? Poot. Finish, Kiwi, just do eet.
  • 05:57 1503 words. My goodness, I have never actually hit the mark on a first go. Lots of sources to add in/editing to do. Merphles. Giggles.
  • 06:36 Done for now. Edit before give in later in day. Little nap for now, then up. Can't wait for nap later. Sleeping on coach, duh. Cackles.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!