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I was torn between posting about watching the day-time moon, a foraging rat, a grey heron flying and a mother duck with her ducklings and posting about my receiving a chlamydia test in the post. I have decided to mention them both in one sentence, it seems, and offer details on neither.

Actually I lied.

One fact on the first: this afternoon was one of those afternoons I just couldn't stop smiling and walking slow to appreciate the world.

One fact on the second:

“What’s that?”
Kiwi: “It’s…a syphilis test?”
John & Emma: “WHAT?”
S: “Really?”
K: “Oh wait, no, Chlamydia.”
S: “To which the question still applies!”

Emma: “Omnomnom Chlamydia.”

Back to the Debate (I'm "blown away" by the Afghanistan convo) and my report.
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