Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Lady Irony is really getting a laugh out of my life lately. It's pretty delightful and I can't stop giggling, as previously proven.

The latest Lady Iron action has been to have my gift-fic come up on the first day of SpringGen, on the day that I head off on a 28hr ferry ride and can't respond (probably). I've saved it as a Word Doc to read once or thrice on the ferry.

However! I think that you should all (er, HP fandom people) read Seven Impossible Things. Then you should a) leave a comment there with your glee and b) tell me how fantastic it is since I'll be missing the community fun for a bit and would love to come back to some 'yay'ness!

Signing off now! P&O time. Saved my Grandad after the war and is now saving his American-moved-England granddaughter from being stranded in Spain during a time of chaos. Why yes, Lady Irony and Miss Serendipity, I am tipping my hat to you.
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