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Just had a 40-minute Skype conversation with my mother. It was so full of lulz. Jess, Irene & CJ did a lot of chuckling; I think some of the others in the ground floor areas did too.

We had a hair-fight (attacking the cam with our hair), demonstrated how to be a frightened ant, danced to The Time Warp and were in general bizarre. I discussed the wind turbines and how I felt ready to take them on as giants to save a princess in peril. Imagining such things forever keeps me from boredom!

Also, my brother got into Keele as a British student. This is super not fair (I didn't, but we didn't try THAT hard) but also ridiculously fantastic - more money to spread around! (Well, less DEBT to spread around, it seems.)

The new plan: Staying over again tonight. Tomorrow, coach ride to Malaga. (2 hrs). Noon flight to Bilbao (2 hrs). Staying over in Bilbao. Ferry to Portsmouth (24 hrs). Coach to Reading (2 hrs). Reading in the evening.

Summary: I am a panda-faced buffoon. I have been Stranded in Spain. This will be one of the Stories of my Life. It will be a Long Journey Back. I have Too Much Work. I am doing Too Little Work. Somehow, this is still considered Sane.

I am such a craxy hot dog mess right now. It's pretty much hilarious. Going to try to do some work with creative media/fic-writing/fic-reading/fic-uploading in the break-mix.
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