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Our second flight was cancelled so we've been looking into trains and ferries. It looks as though we're going to get a plane or coach to Bilbao and getting a coach to England from there. This should be Sunday/Monday - I may be too sodding tired to go on the Habitat Management field trip. P:

However, I just noticed that Bilbao is 15 minutes from where Mary McDonnell was when she was at the Spain con, so at least I get some residual fangirl fun out of it.

I am also listening to Mary in a radio interview. Fangirling it up today before I try to set myself into my work. I wonder if this will work at all!

Apparently, cons are like football. Now isn't that just fascinating.

Hmm. Mary McDonnell was a cheerleader. I was the girl in the bleachers goofing off with my friends and making fun of the cheerleaders, entirely ignoring the football itself.

Now what does that mean of cons?

Also, the first thing I think of with the mood 'loved' is not one bird eating another's face. Although I suppose with a different definition of 'birds' it may be EXACTLY what I think of...

Edit: Apparently we get back Monday night. Well, the next 15 days of my life should be fairly exciting.
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