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Last night during evening lecture I had my laptop and was taking notes with little Ace [temporary name]. (Side note: yes, 'taking notes' also means 'perusing Facebook', 'chatting' and 'watching birds'. I still got two pages of notes out of it and didn't miss anything - yay touch typing.)

I listened to the birds chattering away; their voices were the perfect background to a lecture about pollination: birds and the bees.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw two cats at the pool. I saw some action. I heard some yowls and kicking.

My first thought was "Thank goodness McGonagall came along to check in on me and keep me sane, poor tomcat who doesn't know she's a cat of another colour." My second thought was "I wonder if Hooch is around." My third thought was "No, I bet Grubbly-Plank and Sprout would be around inspecting plants and animals...but who's to say McHooch wouldn't come along?"

Only my fourth thought was at all sensible:

I think, perhaps, the cats were paying more attention to the lecture than was strictly required; goodness knows they offered more of their ears than the students did.

That was the day my lecturer was upstaged by two shagging cats.

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