Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I just watched a movie.

Mulholland Dr. Oh, MY gods. Amazing. I loved it, so much.

I talked to Aunt Dawn. I like her.

Imagine me saying that? I LIKE her.

DAWNNEW*** (2:26:56 AM): My dear, I love you tremendously! And just because I hate Eve, doesn't mean I'm scrooge.
whiterainbow sin (2:27:16 AM): =P. Well, we've all got our bundle of shit to deal with.
whiterainbow sin (2:27:21 AM): I love you tremendously too. =).

Eve is my grandmother. We all know Aunt Dawn hates Eve. It's no new news (ha, haha). I just like the way she put it. Not that I think she's a scrooge because she hates Eve. I was the one that was a scrooge for hating Dawn just because I couldn't have a cat...

Yeah, I cussed. The only time in the conversation. I thought it was appropriate.

As Dufault said: "A well-placed swear adds to the sentence sometimes."

Merf's going to come wake me up at 11 tomorrow and we're gonna make posters that we can decorate our room down in Virginia Beach with. Who knows, maybe I'll bring mine to camp.
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