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What is it about tea that reminds the drinker that life will always go on? Except for when it stops going on, but then the drinker will be dead and not drinking and thus not care anymore anyway. (Incidentally, tea also makes me stop caring about run-on sentences.)

Downloaded my revision material. I am thankful for professors who put the additional reading (science papers) on Blackboard. So much is available online these days (especially given university online subscription) that it's really just the kind thing to do, rather than send us to the library during exam time for journals that either can't leave the library or have to be back within 24 hours. At least provide a link, if not upload the entire paper itself!

Today was a Kiwish rollercoaster. One moment crying over the sink, the next dancing around my room with incense. Regardless, I'm ready: packed for Spain, kitchen is clean, my room is clean/prepared, conservatory is neat and tidy, outfit is out for tomorrow.

This is really happening. This is exciting, of course, but also frightening. This is my first real step into the school world again - it means the hellishness is about to commence once more. That I really will have a day in my life, soon, in which I have a huge assessment due in on the same day that I have my two worst exams.

But somehow I'll make it through, of course of course. It's just going to be a ridiculous rough spot. Sighs and shakes head. Oh, resignation.
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