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03 April 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 01:59 Perpetually displeased with my song-writing abilities. When will I learn to write a GOOD song, I wonder? Probably decade 5.
  • 02:22 After complaining about my song writing I went and wrote another song. Kiwi, STOP. Just stop. You need to catch up with the chords. :P
  • 15:57 Every weekday starting at two there is apparently the three-hour Star Trek marathon. And Voyager is on next. (: I'm back.
  • 16:01 The telly channel told me to stave off my desire to eat my Eostre egg by watching Star Trek. I feel this is a good decision.
  • 19:29 I totally missed Doctor Who. I'm awesome like that. Erg. CV, this makes me hate you so much more.
  • 19:39 What I just realised: I can lie on this CV because it's for a class and not going anywhere, nor are references required. I probs won't.
  • 20:24 FRAK YOU CV! I don't know what my relevent experience is! But something is supposed to go down! lsadkfjlksdf Frak science communication.
  • 21:55 Frick. FRICK FRICK FRICK FRICK. I have a double-exam day! Oh my hell frak! My first day of exams, too! Augh! With my hardest!
  • 21:58 Good gods, the two exams are on the two different campuses, too. How much worse can that day frakking get? Frak 30th April a lot.
  • 22:00 I've got two of my exams in the SPORTS HALL? WTF? And Building 22 on London Road? What the frak is all this nonsense? Y2 is weird.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!