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Sometimes I am well and truly a numpty. At least this illustrates why I seldom write (and upload) multi-chapter fics.

I had 'Upload Chapter 7 of Transfiguration Over Tea' down on my To Do List, but recognised when I checked that the chapters didn't line up on AO3.

Turns out, I forgot to put in Chapter 3, which is a rather important chapter given it's when McGonagall thinks to give Hermione a Time-Turner - goodness, it's probably the only canon chapter in the whole work!

Here's the full work, then:

Transfiguration Over Tea - in full, with the third chapter

It does include Dumbledore, however, and I know there are a few on my flist who don't approve... I don't believe I've made him entirely angelic, but certainly didn't portray him in a negative manner, either. (I enjoy a nice manipulative mastermind every once in a while... :P)

My brain was also on catnip when writing this story last year. This is the fault of kellychambliss and exams, although not in equal measure. (You can decide which weighs more deadly on the brain for fandom - you may find it's a tough choice. ;] )
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