Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

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The washing man diagnosed that our house is haunted; there is no other way the two threaded screws sealed near the motor would have come undone, he said. He's never seen it happen before. They held in a brush that was then hanging down, which made the machine not work as its way of saying 'help me - something's not right!'

Apparently I live in a haunted house. Whodduthunkit.

(What's really haunted, however, is the fact that I'm awake before noon. I believe this calls for toast and tea.)

(I was also thinking, last night as I attempted to sleep on the couch, that our house produces many strange noises at nights, released from the depths. It can get very spooky. I think that is why I adore my house.)
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