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Yesterday (well, Tuesday) I went to the centre. Christina had forgotten about our plans and wasn't there, but I understand; she's been going through a rough time and we made the plans a long while ago. I wasn't offended or put out. I got to hang out with Penny for a while, then with Ursula and Cecilia and Kelsang Samatha. Tony gave me the wraps that had been for Christina but that she hadn't been around to eat. ("She was going to feed you anyway, eh? You take 'em.")

Samatha and I had some interesting discussions about the concept of attachment (as usual) and it lead to discussing sex. I tend to often discuss sex on a scientific level. I don't tend to spend much of my time thinking about sex and at this point in my life am not attached to it; in fact, I am more attached to chocolate. During part of the conversation (not even a graphic part), Samatha grew red and had to towel his face. I felt bad but we were both a little entertained. We had been discussing gay men and lesbians much of the time - since my coming out he's been intrigued with hearing about my queer lifestyle in combination with my spirituality and often scientific mind. Apparently I'm an odd mixture.

I really did have a lovely time that evening and Cecilia even drove me back to Cemetery Junction, where I popped into the Cooperative and bought some groceries. When I got back home I made it a mission once more to live kindly and with love, respecting everyone and thons inherent search for peace, love and happiness.

So Sass and I actually had some nice conversations. Today when I woke up and came downstairs we chatted some more. Nothing deep - phone calls to mobile companies, bringing the garden Daffodils home for mother, travel plans, etc. - but lovely nonetheless. She left around 4.

Faffed about. Read fic, watched telly and the films on programming, cleaned the kitchen, took out the rubbish. At last wrote my hp_beholder fic. Haven't got a beta (not in the practise of having one) so I'll read through it again tomorrow, code it up and send it off.

Had promised to get my Science Communication work (two pieces) done too, but I'll make myself get that done tomorrow. Would love to do those and organise the rest of my work. I know I should summon up the courage to look at my exam timetable and draft up a revision table, but at this point I fear I'd be sick. Perhaps tomorrow evening of Friday.

There'll be no leaving the house 'til evening anyway: we're (I'm) expecting a man to come inspect the washing machine. Good time, too, given I'm running out of underthings...

(My posts are beginning to sound very domestic. Cleaning the kitchen? Goodness gracious, what I'll do to procrastinate and avoid other things...)
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