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31 March 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 00:43 bit.ly/dlaaGu - I hit 300 page views. That is happy. My home state is flooded. That is not at all happy. No no no.
  • 02:18 Who the frak is this Justin Biebel character, or whatever, popping up everywhere? He reminds me of a DAdams Translation Fish. WTFery.
  • 02:41 WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE POPSICLES BUT ME?! Must remedy this. Tomorrow. Swimming day. Culprits: @mrskimyadawson @LaniLaniDuck @kinawolf
  • 03:53 You guys it's nearly 4 a.m. and my only excuse for being awake is that I am making videos. This is such bad news. It will be later soon.
  • 03:55 Also, for the record, sticking your finger into hot tea to see if it's cool enough is a bad idea. How am I in Uni again? I'm a numpty.
  • 06:06 It is 6 am. I wrote a song about YouTube flames while a video is uploading. Such bad news. I am making myself go to sleep now.
  • 15:26 Yaaay the daytime TV as terrible, but ST:V was on the guide, I flipped it and then yaaaay Janeway's face! I like her voice a lot.
  • 15:43 I'm a little bit in love with Janeway. I want to watch more Star Trek: Voyager. I must find a way to watch more.
  • 16:31 Star Trek just made me ship a pair made up of the same people from parallel universes. That is so whacked, brain.
  • 20:52 My tacos have been cooked and consumed. It's now time to procrastinate on working by cleaning the kitchen.
  • 21:16 My brain has really gone off the deep end this time. No one should talk to me. Except the Pirates in my living room and the cheese grate.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!