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24 March 2010 @ 10:03 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 00:19 Wow. You know, I'm always a little bit shocked at how skilled I am at making a fool of myself. Bed soon. It's for the best.
  • 00:45 bit.ly/9pxbT9 This brings way more sense to The L Word than anything else ever has.
  • 00:48 bit.ly/1VPa43 - I now know what to do when Jujubean starts Philosophising. Having a Philosopher in house is strange.
  • 01:19 Was perplexed at why young people were screaming at 1.18am on a Tuesday. Then remembered, right, spring break. Students. City. Oh.
  • 01:24 I was disappoined by how tautological the definition of tautology was. That said, High School in a nutshell: bit.ly/9WGror
  • 01:36 bit.ly/dnua51 - If I were Inspector Gadget, this is what I would do to ABC. Er, all popular channels. It would be Good Bad News.
  • 12:02 The plan twas to leave the house around now. But Bed is so comfy, and Room has laptop...do I really have to leave? :X
  • 12:02 I am also now at the point where this US keyboard confuses me. I better get used to it again or I'll be peeved. Damn you @ and # and ".
  • 12:34 bit.ly/d3F5eW - This made me smile. Also I have not left yet. It'll happen, it so will. Have packed lunch and everything.
  • 12:56 Drat. My excuse for not leaving bed expired. Darn you, Questionable Content. Now I have to put a shirt on. Bollocks. Bye all!
  • 15:47 I am at Eve's house. Can post this because this laptop can MOVE. It is so impressive. Back to talking about The L Word like a good les.
  • 17:56 I am seeing Alice in Wonderland 3D at 7.15 with Eve. I am so super exciting. She's napping. She deserves it, dissertation. At the café.
  • 18:12 You know what needs to come back and never leave again? Jane Lynch in a Zoot Suit. I could admire that all day long.
  • 18:26 Eve and I are off to get chips&sauce, see the film, buy booze&ice cream and celebrate her dissertation being finished. Ta-ra!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
101mutts: Brewster with ball101mutts on March 25th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
Tautology is such a great word! Totally going to use it. For some odd reason it reminds me of scatology.

Dislike switching between American and French or English (wasn't that what you were using?) keyboards.