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17 March 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 22:17 420 words and that was my best paragraph yet. At least my essay is going somewhere now. :) Time for another little break.
  • 22:20 Yaaay I have an icon on Archive of Our Own now. :) Everything looks so much more official with an icon. :D
  • 22:28 WIN! After going to the loo, I checked the safety bus list on a whim. Someone crossed out and I'm the first reserve! Win win win!
  • 22:29 This means I get to take the safety bus home at 11! Which means no walk, less exhaustion, more time for revision, all-round good. :)
  • 22:30 Plus I'm still super-pleased to have 420 words done. It's so strange not agonising over every word. This is going well. :B
  • 22:50 Alrighty. Heading off home. :) Knew I smelled McCoy's Salt&Vinegar crisps. Food when I'm home, yummy yay! :D
  • 10:54 Sibly is a mean, mean man with terrible multipel choice tests. In the library now. Tired and hungry. Work soon.
  • 11:40 Pip caught me in the cafe contemplating which sandwich to buy and slipped me £1.50 for the 'money faerie.' Amazing people in my life.
  • 12:11 No matter what I'm doing, when 'Checking My Pulse' comes on I have to stop doing it. Think there's one thing I wouldn't have to stop.
  • 12:18 Whenever Carole King comes on, I am reminded that I super want it to be the end of the week to start planning for my Script Frenzy.
  • 13:29 870 words. This wafflin' is tastin' good. :P Just blagged on about global warming, phenology, distribution, fragmentation; good stuff.
  • 13:30 That also means I just doubled my word count in like an hour from one source. Whatever, I'll add more references later. :B
  • 14:11 That episode of Glee just made my life. Half of my essay is done. Can finish the rest this afternoon and evening, methinks.
  • 14:12 This leaves me enough time to visit the loo, buy a piece of cheap candy and head off to my dissertation meeting. :) Yay!
  • 16:17 I have decided that my life would be considerably better if I had a roley-chair right now. This is an important fact.
  • 17:17 I hit the 1000 word point. :) I don't want to think about how terrible this essay is, hahaha. Ohman. Buffy break!
  • 17:18 (Yes, that last tweet was right. I have decided to start watching through Buffy. :P)
  • 17:46 I think people should use the L Word more often. No, not lesbian (well, they should)... LOVE. I LOVE YOU. Like that. Yeah.
  • 18:03 Also booked a seat on the 11.40 Safety Bus 'case this overwhelms me sneakily. Otherwise, going home earlier for chips&sauce. :]
  • 18:09 Oh, Buffy brings me back so far. The abbreviations and the 90s and growing up. It's kind of adorkable in the best way ever. Pos.
  • 18:10 Also, about this essay, in the words of Buffy: "Thanks, could you vague that up for me?" I should just quote Buffy and Willow.
  • 18:49 100 words left in this terrible essay that does not resemble the subjects of my lay summary. :P Conclusion time, win win.
  • 19:07 My essay is 1592 words and now has a title. At least I have something to pass in! :P Will continue fixing it, adding references, etc.
  • 19:08 & by "I will continue" I clearly mean "I will finish this episode of Buffy" because I have Student Sense, not Common Sense or Work Sense.
  • 19:13 "You need a personality, stat." Oh, Buffy. You've got a Vampire with a Soul and a Watcher with No Personality. I'm lulzin'. #buffy
  • 19:23 "It's dark." "It's night." "Well, night is a good time for dark, traditionally..." Oh, Willow, I am so in love with you already.
  • 20:10 "I...I need to sit down..." "You are sitting down." "Oh... good for me." That is how I feel this week. Willow. <3
  • 20:23 It is bad news that Buffy's principal reminds me of the one I had in high school. Actually, it's funny news.
  • 20:48 1,674 words before editing and have used all scientific papers - first time ever. :P It is somewhat less bad. Editing time. :D
  • 20:50 "Yesterday my life was like, 'uhoh, popquiz!' Now it's like, 'Rain of toads!'" Why must my life be the prior? Test tomorrow, groan.
  • 21:05 "Besides...it's this or chem class." What a BtVS line. :P Good choice, Xander. I would have chosen vampires and darkness too. :B
  • 21:24 Apparently the word 'contrastingly' exists. I am not sure that I approve of this word. It makes me raise my eyebrow. Piffle.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!