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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:11 Awwr, dun wanna stop funny-chatting with Mum, but I've gotta head home now! Night all! Love you! ♥
  • 12:06 My stomach is going to eat itself. Lecture went well. RACHEL CARSON WAS MENTIONED. I hopped. Mark teased. It was good.
  • 12:07 I have a meeting at 1. That is not cool. I hope it isn't long, so I can come back to eat a smammich and work more. I am so knackered. :P
  • 14:11 That was the most pointless meeting of my life. I am not excited for the Spain Trip. I am excited for Spain, but not the trip.
  • 14:12 I'm going to go get some cash out at the cashpoint so I can buy a sandwich and stay here working 'til 10 or later. Have an awesome comp.
  • 14:56 Have a baguette to eat - 'yellow submarine' with free range egg mayonaise. I'm excited. Organised my HP fests. Time for actual work.
  • 16:04 Wow. I love how I don't even know how to ask my uncle if he wants a visit. I mean, we bonded, but... Erm, being English is awkward.
  • 16:21 Awwr, I made it pretty. You don't have to ask questions. I just wanted to show it off. :)
  • 17:07 I am so frustrated right now. These data sets stink and I can't do maths or stats well to begin with. I'm disappointed. I give up.
  • 17:16 Shit. I almost started crying. Crying is one thing, but it's so close to panic attack... I just want to make it to Friday, damnit!
  • 17:19 If I make it to Friday, this will be my first semester without a panic attack since I was 15. Please, just let me get to Friday.
  • 18:02 My brother and I are both bemoaning stats at the same time. This is true sibling bonding, let me tell you. Back to head-desking.
  • 18:31 Jo sent me the data for the Group B census so the two data sets actually have something in common now. Drat me for losing paper.
  • 19:28 I love my brother. Can't deny. "Maybe by the time I'm in England next year we will have improved at the mysterious art of gift-giving and we can work something out, but for this year the nothing-nothing is working out just fine :)" We fail at stuff, but totally win too.
  • 19:30 (And that was referencing our inability to find each other gifts, so we just tease each other instead. And go out to eat sometimes.)
  • 20:43 Poot. Oh, Introduction, I really don't want to do you. Do I have to? Pouts. Discussion shouldn't take TOO long, I hope.
  • 21:09 My bag just fell off the desk and into the rubbish bin. Thank you, Mistress Fate, for that clear statement on coursework. :) I approve!
  • 21:15 I now have plans to go visit Christina at the Buddhist Meditation Society on the 30th. I get to see Loten, too. :) Yay! Looking forward!
  • 21:18 - This is what I posted last time 'round, end of term. Why is it that nothing ever changes? :P MONSTER PEE!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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