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01 March 2010 @ 07:55 pm
[+] I woke up at 11 today and read a chapter in the Buddhist poetry book Samatha gave me.
[+] Enjoyed breakfast of a cheese toastie with Tinboy and Batgirl. Walked into campus with both of them.
[+] Got a 95 on my bibliography - win! Silly little colon and comma.
[+] Handed in my lay summary.
[-] Lecture was absolute rubbish...
[+] but I managed to write my last song for FAWM and totally enjoyed it. A song written in science paper format. Here!
[+] Felt connected and lovely in the library.
[-] It decided to yell at us with a siren and big flashing red lights and a voice saying 'We are closing, please leave the library' even though it wasn't the proper time for them to close.
[+] Came to Palmer.
[+] Edited and posted another chapter of Transfiguration over Tea.
[+] Came to the 24-hour computer lab at 9. Actually started working. Had many of my songs commented on as I commented on other new songs. Now have the map part done of Hedgerow Survey (it took ages), read through the survey handbook for notes and have made little marks of what I want to say. All that's left is to actually write the 500-650 words, which shouldn't be a big problem when I sit down to do it.
[-] I have had to pee for six hours. There aren't any loos open past 9. I think that if there's a 24-hour location on campus, there should be an open 24-hour loo too.
[ ] It's 4 a.m. and the birds are beginning to sing out-side. I've accidentally completed my first all-nighter on campus and I didn't even have to - that's just how my brain works.

This was going to be my post for Friday/Saturday. Then the computer I was on died. So here it is now instead! I'll make one for the weekend. :)
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