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[+] Last night I enjoyed creating my character for Tom's roleplay Mortals, for when Werewolf/Legacy of Blood can't run as one of us isn't there. My character is May Alice (Mary McDonnell reference). She's a tart-tongued serving wench.
[+] I wrote a song I enjoy here.
[-] I have a ridiculous sheet to do for Animal Behaviour for next week.
[+] I came home, ate, read and slept.
[+] I woke up early today to read, eat and be happy and awake.
[-] I couldn't pay attention in Entomology, as usual.
[+] I wrote a song that makes me giggle.
[+] I came to the library and found out that I got the job at Stonybrook for the summer!
[+] Kimya Dawson responded to my formspring question about the Poop Liberation Squad and we both laughed!
[+] I finished my lay summary. It's 588 words instead of 500 (so 38 words over the 10%-either-way rule) but I don't care. It's good enough and it's done and printed.
[+] University/school is not fulcrum of my life anymore. Being happy and alive is. I hope it stays this way.
[+] In practical we were doing Coleoptera and had loads of shiny green beetles and all I could think about was Rita Skeeter and writing a parody song about her to Mrs. Robinson. I laughed and laughed. There was also a Hercules beetle and larva. Frakkin' huge, man!
[+] Today is a positive day and I am leaving soon to take the safety bus home for food and reading and sleep again. <3
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