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I tend to write songs or poems about 'where I am' for certain events. Wintertime, New Year's, Valentine's, my birthday, springtime, summertime, autumn. Others.

Tonight I had the urge to write poetry and a song. I combined them. It's not fantastic, but it's how and who and where I am. I'm pleased with that.

Birthday comes again with a decade in tow.
It will bring surprises, some things that I know.
First I say goodbye to what I've already felt:
A way to finalise how I've danced and dealt.

(10) Goodbye: Little Shop of Horror, skis and ice cream cake.
(11) Goodbye: Bullies, sad smiles, training bras and feeling fake.
(12) Goodbye: Elementary school and Lupron to the thighs.
(13) Goodbye: Quiet charm, my girlhood and self-conscious lies.
(14) Goodbye: Wheelchair, punk clothes, black makeup and junior high.
(15) Goodbye: Fibula, Stoic frowns and laughter so dry.
(16) Goodbye: Bound chest, 'no dress' rules and faerie tales.
(17) Goodbye: Dying hip, shorter curls and counting scales.
(18) Goodbye: America, kindred spirits and restraint.
(19) Goodbye: Best friends, decade two and acting like a saint.

Now twenty has come with new years ahead.
I'm pleased to know I look with wonder and not dread.
I'll take it in stride, dance with love-integrity,
Swim through it all, the downer days and nights of glee.

(21) Greetings: Sexy time, relationships and skinny jeans.
(22) Greetings: Graduation, travel, hippie lifestyle and queens.
(23) Greetings: Confusion, sister chats and novels in cafes.
(24) Greetings: Money problems, lots of love and falling astray.
(25) Greetings: 20-something issues and winter snowball fights.
(26) Greetings: Ukulele, wisdom and warm summer nights.
(27) Greetings: Prime number joy, grown up questions and complaints.
(28) Greetings: Real adults, maybe settling and constraints.
(29) Greetings: Living high, flying mighty, loving life.
(30) Greetings: Dancing through life, through ease and through strife.

I'll be fine, I just know that I will.
My love metre's here; I've got a quota to fill.
It's endless as a lifetime in Methuselah's eye;
It's boundless enough to reach for root and sky.

My sister and brother, parents friends and family
Are all I ever want and all I ever need.
I'll make some money to keep me going strong
But at the end of the day I just need to belong.

Third decade, please embrace me as I enter you;
I do so gently, eager heart and dancing shoes.
I'll make you last as best I can;
Just remember my feelings as you began.

Goodbye 2000's, you treated me well.
Greetings 2010's, I sure hope you're swell.

Written at 2 a.m. on my US-birthday; my UK-birthday is the 23rd. That is strange.

Since it's 3.07 a.m. and I'm going grocery shopping with Batgirl at 10.30, I am going to go to sleep now. Night night! Sweet dreams!

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