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I welcomed in my birthday by writing a Facebook message to my sister. I sang to myself at midnight.

Tinboy knocked on my door. I looked down to see his laptop with a card: his password and 'happy birthday!' I smiled and wrote him a thank-you note with Mary (benevolent child!ghost from Kingdom Hospital, a show my house is watching) from Mary, the Anteater and me. Slipped it under his door. He'll probably see it tomorrow.

Tesco was closed today after four, right as Batgirl and I got there. We're going to Morrisons tomorrow; it's near the post office she has to go to. 10:30. After that home for putting away big shop, cleaning a bit and waiting for Jo. Then into town for some shopping. Home for eating and getting ready. Out for Tim Burton night at Sakura.

I'm on Batgirl's laptop presently. Just checked that everything was going alright. Getting a lot of reading done. It's nice, really. Have finished two and a quarter books - far more finished in a day or two than I had finished in a while. I missed this. Something to remember as I enter my third decade of life.

Have 10 out of 14 songs written/music-ised for February Album Writing Month. The latest ones haven't had music put to them for time/lack of laptop. Soon, I'm sure. I think I'm going to head off and start a birthday one.

Entering my third decade. My second full decade as a double-digit woman. My first decade as one stage: adult (rather than pre-teen and teen). Worth a song, at least.

Stay well, Tree. You are in my thoughts.
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