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Rehearsal went well. Totally hammed it up for the introduction and filler. They love it. Love going crazy with this.

Helped Eve set up for the Judith Orr talk. The talk was amazing. I asked questions at the end and my last one sparked an animated room-wide discussion. We ended there.

I feel so bonded with these women. It's ridiculous. I can't believe the close-knit-ness ends Thursday. But we all hope to meet up more.

I'm afraid to get off the computer and get out of the library because the next time I'm online may well be Wednesday evening. Tonight I go home to revise some Animal Behaviour for my practical test on Wednesday morning, then reading and sleep with me.

Tomorrow I wake at whatever time and head onto campus to go on a field trip with Environment in Practice to retrieve our samples and start sorting through them. Run to the lounge for 5 o'clock run-through and change into my outfit. Then to Mondial; doors open 7 and performance at 7.30. After that we all may well go get drinks at Mojos, and I may skip coming to the library to check the Internet.

Then it would be more revision in the evening. Wake up for lecture at 9. Practical test at 11, shouldn't be long. Then I have to choose between the feature film for Women's Week or go to Buddhist Meditation Society. I think I'll go with the film. That'll be 'til early evening at the earliest, and then I'd have time to come back here and online.

But the library speaker was blaring at us and telling us the library closes in 20 minutes and we need to leave in 15, so yeah, I guess I'll get off.

Laughter. Less than a week left of being a teenager. Whodduthunk.

I can totally get through all this. No bug dwak.
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