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[-] woke up feeling yuuuucko! It was pabby.
[-] lecture put me to sleep. I normally love Birds and Mark, but classes this semester just remind me of high school and make me yawn.
[+] I wrote a To Do List and snuggled with Jojo.
[-] Mark talked about of third-year dissertation and I think all the neurons in my brain experienced apoptosis.
[+] My group didn't meet, so it's no bug dwak that I didn't finish my stuff. Claire gave me her notes. I'll put them into the template soon.
[+] I've been in the library doing stuff.
[+] I saw Clarance [+] Haley [-] Ben and [+] May-Matt's-friend-from-maths.
[+] May watched my stuff so I could get to the store to buy blank CDs (for boot disk) and some food; got cash back so I could pay back Tinboy, Jujubean and The Box In The Den.
[+] Changed my Livejournal layout so I can view it from Uni now--the other one didn't seem to work.
[+] Got through my inbox of over 200 emails.
[+] Formatted and printed my Vagina Monologues monologue so I can glue it into my journal (we're trying to make them look personalised).
[+] Edited & posted Chapter 4 of Transfiguration Over Tea: here.
[+] May saw that I had it up and didn't give me a strange look when I explained that a friend essentially got me to write a Harry Potter novel. In fact, she read it, gave me an edit, complimented it and discussed Harry Potter with me. (She understood people making McGonagall a lesbian and agreed she probably wouldn't have gone with a Slytherin--Tom Riddle.) She wants me to go to her birthday party on Thursday. It's lazertag. I may well go to that instead of the Amazon party; I'm torn!
[+] I have caramel cream Cadbury mini eggs. This is a huge plus. I have 50 minutes before rehearsal for V-logues in the Lounge.
[+] At 7 I get to see Judith Orr speak. I sent the link to Kris Saturday night and she enjoyed it enough to send it to Zazz. I'm super excited!
[+] I'm going to keep getting things done, I hope!
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