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I wrote my Valentine's Day song. I wrote my blurb about Rachel Carson and researched Judith Orr and did cleaning and emailed important stuff and in general was productive.

I shut down my laptop (the right way) after it was working perfectly fine. I went to sleep.

I woke up. I tried to turn it on. It beeped rudely at me and told me there was no internal booting device. I went through the tests and investigated. I couldn't find anything. John couldn't find anything. We're going to try to make a boot disk and then I'll have to bring it to IT. I'll probably have to wipe and re-install at some point; thank goodness I got the external hard-drive for Mistmas.

I am SO PEEVED. Last time it was a hardware problem and we got a new harddrive. That is less than two months old.

I ran the AVG full-computer scan Thursday night and got rid of anything it had found suspicious. I've been trying to be good with the ruddy frakking computer.

And it decides, ah, no man, I wanna die again. So now I can't get on my laptop and I'm going to be back to spending any waking moment on campus for my Uni-work-life and Internet-social-life.

I am not so not pleased with this development. I'm also knackered, so I'm going to go upstairs and read, then sleep. Erglack on a frakking stick.

Happy Valentine's Anti-Valentine's Arizona Singles Awareness Anna Howard Shaw Fold Your Pants Day!

(Besides the laptop thing, my day was brilliant: coffee with a friend, singing and pub with the Reading Gay Choir. Quality day.)

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