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Was going to make a whole big livejournal update. It's 5.35 a.m. Let's see how that works out.

Well, I think I mentioned that before Buddhist Meditation Society the other day (when I had intended to take a nap), I hit it off with a lost girl named Eve about to host Vagina Monologues 'Audition.' I joined. I read. There were emails. I didn't choose a monologue 'cause I wanted everyone to get first choice.

I ended up with Vagina Workshop. I'm super pleased. They heard me read it through once with the regular (English) accent; everyone was happy. There was joking. I mentioned my southern American accent (southern accent - more appropriate for Coochie Snorcher). I read a few lines of Vagina Workshop. May & Eve (they run it) tell me I MUST do it that way.

During another rehearsal I mention, in jest, singing the last line of the introduction--which is mine--and do so, chuckling. They stare at me, crack up and say it has to be done. I now sing "and a schmende in the Bronx!" as if it were "and a partridge in a pear tree!" They stare at me like I'm a crazy loon and deliver the next line as one: "We were worried about vaginas."

This week...Monday, went to birds, the lecture didn't exist 'cause Mark was ill, the practical was stupid. The V-logues rehearsal was fantastic.

Tuesday, Environment in Practice stunk. V-logues rehearsal was AMAZING. We stayed until 9.30 chatting about vaginas, orgasms (my lack of), life, relationships, culture, patriarchy, everything. We decided we needed a weekly meeting. May and I chatted as we left as a group. She and Eve pulled me into Women's Campaign more and I offered to send them another woman to be in the exhibit for Women's Week. (There should be no shock in that I chose Rachel Carson.)

Wednesday, Animal Behaviour was yucktastic. V-logues rehearsal made me smile. I didn't read mine out but had a lovely time.

Thursday, Intro to Entomology ate my soul out. V-logues rehearsal revitalized me. Eve N, president of the drama society, told me I should indeed look to join up with the drama society and that it was fine that I was new to acting - seemed I could handle it. I left with Libby and auditioned for a Writers' Original play (plays written by Uni student members of the Writers' Society). It went well and I loved it. I got to audition as a crisp in a bag after they've all gained consciousness and then as faerie tale people playing Never Have I Ever: Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood.

Friday, hassle and panic to get bibliography in. Everything was fine. Spent all day in the Hub, first chatting with May & Hale & Mark (we read bad gay porn poetry) and then cutting & gluing fake-floor-wood-stuff onto pictures because we don't have enough money for frames. For the Women's Week exhibition. I skipped rehearsal since I'd been to every one and worked on it the entire time. Finished with Rachel Carson. LOVED it, even being alone with my iPod and my task after literally everyone was gone. AND even though the fire alarm went off while I was framing P!nk.

Eve and I went to Mojos and split a plate of food. We chatted about everything. Changed for the Spectrum Night (Gay night - Valentine's Ball). Practically no one showed up but we had a nice time. Danced to "Don't Stop Believing." Met another...interesting lesbian. New from Devon.

Biked home. Batgirl was almost going to go out (at 12.30) to Facebar. We convinced her to stay in if we had a dance party in the kitchen. Everyone was drunk but me (not that that ever stops me). We rode her huge shark plushies around the kitchen. I somehow pulled it off rather suggestively. Bad Romance came on. We went crazy. There was jumping and Matt picked us all up. Then we sat around chatting and the new in-joke became "flaccid" after I told Matt that he had flaccid toast.

Matt ripped Eve's skirt when we were on the stairs and I felt super duper bad. Went upstairs and tried to get to sleep, listening to Batgirl and Matt drunkenly chatting.

Today was lazy. Harry's family was here. I felt awkward being downstairs in only a dressing gown when I realised they had arrived. Stayed upstairs most of the day. Cleaned, did the stuff I needed to do. Made pasta downstairs for tea. Had fun with the friends. Harry had trouble with the sexual talk we had--needed--after his Christian family left. He went off. Jujubean wasn't pleased.

Tonight I made a card for Eve after I told her skirt was ripped. I'm seeing her tomorrow in town at 2 for coffee until 4 to talk about introducing Judith Orr on Monday. Then she's going to introduce me to Reading Gay Chorus at 4, 'til 6. Then I'll probably be home for Batgirl's Anti-Valentine's Day house party (probably just us) and working for Monday/Tuesday.

Also got to Skype with Kris! Stardust sister time. <3 We chatted about our possible future novel and life and honesty and feeling stuck and feeling better and getting back into life. It was nice. We curled up in bed with our laptops chatting, blankets over our heads. It was lovely. It'll be worth being tired tomorrow.

Well, I did get it down! Back to YouTube to listen to angry feminist. Love it!

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